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A concrete sidewalk installation or concrete walkway addition is highly beneficial for home owners for several reasons. Among the more important ones are the cost-effectiveness and durability, its low maintenance cost and load bearing capabilities. A+ Driveway Replacement provides great solutions for concrete walkway installation project. We serve Marietta and Atlanta GA residents.

Why Choose Concrete for your Sidewalk?

Sidewalks are exceptionally important but because they are practically everywhere, we take their importance for granted. They provide us with easy access to our homes, businesses, shops, and many more places. Allowing us a safety walk to any destination.

A concrete sidewalk installation is one of the most common alternatives when needing to build a walkway. There is a good reason for it. Concrete is an affordable material offering the safest walking environment and superior durability in comparison to other options.

Concrete Sidewalk Repair or Replacement

Walkways and sidewalks are exposed to a lot of wear and tear throughout the year. When the soil supporting the concrete becomes weak, the concrete can crack and even sink. Many things can create these problems such as erosion from rainwater, gutter runoff, or a tree root that has rotted over time. Dirt that is found underneath the slab that has not been well compacted can also create voids beneath the concrete. Regardless of what caused a major or minor problem, we can fix your concrete sidewalk!

A+ Driveway – Concrete Sidewalk Replacement

A small problem in your sidewalk can make the whole area look less neat, that is why if there are some cracks you should fix them as soon as possible not only to keep its condition and style but to avoid major issues in the future.

Even if you have a major problem like an uneven sidewalk, our team will make sure to make it very resistant and durable just like we do when we install a brand new sidewalk. We assure you a good reparation and installation will last you for decades.

Sidewalks play an important role in life in Georgia, and due to this, you want to make certain that yours are properly maintained, installed, and repaired by industry professionals. With 20 years of experience of working at residences of Cobb County, our team at  A+ Driveway  Replacement is extremely well prepared when it comes to installing quality concrete sidewalks. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us at 770-294-7011, send us an email or send us a message through our contact form.

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